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In response to the Sept. 10 letter “New conspiracy theory from GOP,” I would like to briefly share my own experience with the IRS.

In 2005, we received a letter telling us that we owed several thousand dollars in taxes for our minor child. We did not owe these taxes; we knew we did not owe these taxes. But how to prove ourselves innocent after being determined guilty by the IRS?

After months of trying to get through the bureaucracy to no avail, we started to look into legal help. But how on Earth would we pay for this?

We were told that most people just pay what the IRS says they owe, because the cost of proving yourself innocent would exceed the cost of the taxes being demanded. On principle, we could not see ourselves doing this.

After about six months of effort, loss of sleep, tears and, yes, fighting between my husband and me, a wonderful gentleman at our church who handles tax issues for large companies took the matter into his hands and, shall I say, saved us.

I tear up as I think about the relief of having the matter settled. And at the end of the 20 pages of evidence showing that we did not owe taxes on our minor child was a photocopy of the IRS’s own tax code!

The IRS is a powerful organization that can declare you guilty, and you must bear the cost of proving your innocence! If that’s not a big gun to tote around, I don’t know what is!

Patty Ploutz


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