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CHICO — Much like the supervisor race, the campaign finance documents for the Butte County Assessor Race have been released.

There are three candidates in the running for assessor, which will be on the June 7 ballot. The candidates are Randall Stone, Alyssa Douglass and Michael Howard.

The following information is how the finances break down for each individual candidate.

Randall Stone

Stone started the year off with no campaign money but ended up raising $23,734 as of April 23.

Of that amount, Stone’s campaign has spent $12,112.23 and currently has no unpaid bills as a result of spending. Additionally, Stone’s campaign has received $13,249.49 in loans.

Stone’s largest contributions came from himself and Krista Stone who each contributed $4,900. A few independent contributors pitched in as well.

Stone’s contributors

The following individuals and/or groups contributed to Stone’s campaign:

$2,000 or more: Randall Stone, Krista Stone

$200-299: Josefina Ruiz, Andrew Holcombe

$100-199: Margarita Fisher

Alyssa Douglass

Douglass has raised a total of $4,264.05 since the beginning of 2022 and started off with no campaign money.

So far Douglass has spent $6,837.37 with $2,427.18 still outstanding. Her campaign has received $1,400 in loans.

Douglass’ campaign contributors consist entirely of independent donors offering between $100-500 each. Douglass herself has contributed $34.64.

Douglass’ contributors

The following individuals and/or groups contributed to Douglass’ campaign:

$500-599: Diane Brown, Frank Alfieri, Irene Alfieri

$200-299: Les Heringer

$100-199: Dave Johnson, Sam Thomas

Less than $100: Alyssa Douglass

Michael Howard

So far, Howard’s campaign has brought on $9,800 in contributions with no loans taken out.

Of that money, Howard has spent $6,832.50 and has no outstanding debts tied to his campaign.

Howard only has two contributors listed, each at $4,900. The list consists of himself and Melanie Breedlove.

Howard’s Contributors

More than $2,000: Michael Howard, Melanie Breedlove

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