Biden abandons Texas during border crisis – Midland Reporter-Telegram

We have been abandoned. The Biden Administration has failed Texans. By ignoring our border crisis, President Biden and so-called “Border Czar” Vice President Kamala Harris are signaling that our nation’s sovereignty and security remain off the White House’s list of priorities.

I visited Del Rio with state Rep. Brooks Landgraf and state Rep. Andrew Murr, as well as Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis and state senate candidate Kevin Sparks. During our trip, we learned that the Del Rio sector saw more illegal migrant crossings in 2021 than in the past nine years combined.

President Biden and his administration refuse to acknowledge the border crisis, resist implementing key security programs and continue to encourage illegal crossings through their rhetoric and policies.

In September, I visited the surge of nearly 15,000 illegal immigrants gathered under the Del Rio bridge. What many told me is that the U.S. border was easier to get through than the borders of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. This is unacceptable, and a direct result of the Biden administration’s shortsighted border policies.

The impact can be seen in dangerous encounters, human trafficking tragedies, perilous high-speed chases, property damage that harms Texas farmers and ranchers, tragic deaths from extreme condition exposures, and gaps where illegal drugs like fentanyl are seeping into our country.

New numbers report that not only is fentanyl pouring into our country at increasingly higher rates, but that these drugs are even more dangerous than before. Tragically, fentanyl has now become the leading cause of death in Americans ages 18-45. This past year alone, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) seized enough fentanyl at the border to kill every American seven times over.

Texans should be incredibly alarmed by this chaos emanating from President Biden’s failed policies. We have been urging the White House to take the border crisis seriously for nearly a year now. Our pleas have been ignored. Critical legislation has been shoved aside by House Democratic leaders. Texans have been forsaken and left to fend for themselves.

When President Biden and Vice President Harris refuse to even step foot at the border, Texans are stepping up.

Without our honorable Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and state law enforcement officers stepping up and standing in the gap, things at the border would be even worse. I am grateful for the work of my colleagues in the Texas Legislature, Landgraf, Murr, Speaker Tom Craddick and others for their work to pass Operation Lone Star and provide resources to secure the Texas border.

But Texas should not be going at it alone. I will continue to put forward common-sense border solutions in Congress to protect the security of communities across Texas District 11 and the entire nation.

I am proud to join with Ranking Member John Katko and my colleagues on the Homeland Security Committee to offer a comprehensive border security solutions bill. I will also be introducing legislation in the coming days to require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to tell the American people how many known and suspected terrorists have been apprehended at the border.

The federal government cannot play political games with our security and immigration laws. We must return to policies we know work to stem the flow of illegal immigration and regain operational control of our southern border. The American people deserve transparency and peace of mind in knowing that their government is doing everything possible to keep them safe.

To any Democrats in Congress or the White House: I implore you to come to the border with me. See the suffering for yourself and work with us to fix it.


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