Biden says a Trump 2024 run would increase his desire to seek re-election – Axios

President Biden told ABC News in an interview that aired Wednesday he’ll seek re-election in 2024 if he remains in good health, and if his predecessor runs “that’ll increase the prospect” of him running.

Why it matters: There’s been speculation that Biden, 79, may only serve one four-year term, due to age or other reasons.

Driving the news: When ABC’s David Muir asked if he’d run in 2024, Biden replied “yes.”

  • “I’m a great respecter of fate,” Biden added. “Fate has intervened in my life many, many times. If I’m in the health I’m in now, if I’m in good health … I would run again.”
  • The “World News Tonight” anchor put to him the prospect of a “rematch” with former President Trump, 75, who’s hinted on several occasions about running for office again in 2024.
  • “You’re trying to tempt me now,” Biden laughed. “Sure. Why would I not run against Donald Trump for the nominee?”

For the record: Biden has said previously it’s his “expectation” to run in 2024 and that he’d “fully expect” Vice President Kamala Harris to be his running mate again.

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