North Carolina’s lieutenant governor backs anti-CRT effort: Kids should understand ‘greatness of this nation’ – Fox News

North Carolina’s first African American lieutenant governor is throwing his support behind a nationwide initiative to challenge what’s being called racial “indoctrination” in schools.  A video released Wednesday shows Republican Mark Robinson discussing his upbringing and why the fight against critical race theory (CRT) is so important to him. “Growing up poor here in North … Read more

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Pages on CRT, anti-racism and mandatory vaccine resolutions disappear from NEA website – Fox News

Dozens of pages of assembly resolutions and proposed resolutions disappeared from The National Education Association’s (NEA) website Tuesday, some of which included highly-controversial items on critical race theory, anti-racism, and mandatory vaccines.  The pages on the website for the largest teachers union in the United States were visible as recently as Tuesday morning, a few … Read more