What is redistricting? Who controls the redistricting process in each state? – AS English

New census data has been released for the United States, triggering the once-a-decade process known as redistricting. The latest figures on nation’s population and demographic shifts are used to redraw the electoral districts and could have a huge impact on elections over the next ten years. States, cities and regions to experience population growth can … Read more

Marginalized Groups Look to Get on the (Redistricting) Map – The New York Times

NARF is working with organizers statewide in Alaska, Arizona, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota, and at the local level in parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Utah and Wisconsin, on a new project called Fair Districting in Indian Country. They will use mapping software to define communities down to the street level, helping them … Read more

Q&A: How will redistricting look in Wisconsin? – Spectrum News 1

MADISON, Wis. — With 2020 data from the U.S. Census released Thursday afternoon, Wisconsin can now begin the process of drawing new boundaries for legislative and congressional districts. However, lawmakers will be up against the clock. The timeline for drawing new maps could get pretty chaotic. Census numbers were supposed to be released back in … Read more

LGBTQ advocates target a new way to grow political power: Redistricting – POLITICO

“It’s about the awareness that these communities exist, and not to just ignore them and to dismiss them,” said state Rep. Brianna Titone, the first trans legislator in Colorado, who signed onto a letter urging her state’s redistricting commission to keep gay neighborhoods united. “We do have a collective voice that we want to be … Read more