What Triggers the ‘Trigger Laws’ That Could Ban Abortions? – People | HowStuffWorks

The Supreme Court‘s leaked draft opinion on abortion rights dramatically declares that “the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.” A number of states have already made their choice in case that happens, either protecting the right to abortion or significantly restricting abortion under most circumstances. Some states … Read more

What Triggers the ‘Trigger Laws’ That Could Ban Abortion? – UVA Today

Missouri’s law is a slight modification of this approach, requiring a declaration by the state attorney general, a gubernatorial proclamation, or a resolution from both houses of the state legislature that Roe has been overruled or a constitutional amendment has taken effect. Wyoming’s law is triggered upon the governor’s certification that Roe has been overruled … Read more

13 States Have Abortion Trigger Bans—Here’s What Happens When Roe Is Overturned – Guttmacher Institute

Of those 26 states, 13 have laws in place that are designed to be “triggered” and take effect automatically or by quick state action if Roe no longer applies—Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.    Even with Roe still technically in place, Oklahoma in late … Read more