The race politics of Ron DeSantis – The Washington Post

Comment on this story Comment Gift Article The College Board has now released the final version of its curriculum for an Advanced Placement African American Studies course that can be taught in American high schools. The final document extends over 200 pages, detailing week-by-week areas of instruction and opportunities for students to extend their research … Read more

History professors assail changes to AP curriculum in African American studies after attack by Florida Governor Ron … – The Boston Globe

Professors questioned the College Board’s timing of the revisions, and say that the omissions from earlier drafts parallel politicians’ top critiques. Advertisement “The sequence of events made it look as if the College Board caved to the DeSantis administration and trimmed off all the material that Florida deemed inappropriate,” said Matthew Guterl, professor of Africana … Read more

DeSantis injects politics into $114B Florida budget proposal – The Seattle Times

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida will have enough money and reserves to withstand a national economic downturn while still being able to provide tax breaks, Gov. Ron DeSantis said while releasing his proposed budget Wednesday. The proposal also included permanently getting rid of a sales tax on gas stoves that have become a political rallying … Read more

DeSantis has executive privilege, a judge ruled, setting up legal battle over secrecy – Tampa Bay Times

Gov. Ron DeSantis has been eyeing a run for president, but he’s not waiting until 2024 to assert one of the most contested legal rights associated with that office. In multiple lawsuits, DeSantis’ lawyers have claimed that the governor wields executive privilege, a special right invoked by U.S. presidents that shields them from disclosing information … Read more

NEA: DeSantis blocking AP African American Studies hurts all students – USA TODAY

As a Black girl growing up in Philadelphia, I was fortunate that my late father, a history teacher, taught my sisters and me (and his students) about the important role our enslaved ancestors and other Black people have played in the struggle and progress that has made America what it is today. All of the educators … Read more


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