How One Heavyweight Law Firm Hitched the GOP Establishment to Donald Trump – Vanity Fair

“We believe that Donald Trump’s impulsive temperament, flair for controversy, vindictive approach to his opponents, and alarming views outside the constitutional mainstream, ill suit him to oversee the execution of the laws in a fair and even-handed manner,” the letter said. It went on like that, before concluding that Trump “must be decisively rejected in … Read more

Zelensky Speculates Why Trump Kept Praising Putin – Newsweek

Volodymyr Zelensky said he was “surprised” that Donald Trump continued to praise Vladimir Putin as Russia was gearing up to invade Ukraine, while claiming he did so to promote his domestic policy. Speaking to CNN, the Ukrainian president said that Trump had “plenty of time” to know the type of person Putin is, and that … Read more

Sneak peek: How Trump fired his man in Manhattan – Axios

Geoffrey Berman — fired in 2020 by President Trump as the top Manhattan federal prosecutor — writes in “Holding the Line,” a memoir out tomorrow, that the Justice Department “quickly turned off the service on my DOJ-issued cell phone and revoked access to my email.” “Our chief of security apologized for doing it so abruptly, … Read more

Chris Christie says Trump gave DOJ ‘no choice’ but to raid Mar-a-Lago – Business Insider

Christie said Trump likely left the Justice Department “no choice” but to raid Mar-a-Lago. Christie said the DOJ has been “saying please” and “asking nicely” for the documents to be returned. He added that the top-secret nature of these documents left the DOJ few options but to seize them. Loading Something is loading. Former New … Read more