Trump investigations, Alex Jones and Steve Bannon convictions, and the midterms augur the Autumn of Consequences. – Slate

Don’t read the rest of this sentence if you are obscenity-sensitive, but: Let’s discuss the phrase “fuck around and find out,” which has been in circulation for the past three years or so. (That’s per the site Know Your Meme, which isn’t sure exactly where it came from.) The alliteration makes it satisfying to say … Read more

Analysis | Sean Hannity is keeping a list of Trump probes. Here’s what’s on it. – The Washington Post

Listen 16 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article correction This article originally stated that Tom Barrack had pleaded guilty. He has been charged and pleaded innocent. There are two schools of thought about the array of investigations into Donald Trump since he entered the presidential race in June 2015. School One is that … Read more

Berman book prompts Senate panel to investigate Trump DoJ interference – The Guardian US

The US Senate judiciary committee has said it will investigate claims made in a recent book that allies of Donald Trump politically interfered with a prominent US attorney’s office. William Barr, Donald Trump’s second attorney general, fired Geoffrey Berman from the powerful southern district of New York (SDNY) five months before the 2020 election. In … Read more