Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is AMAC’s 2022 Man of the Year – L … – L’Observateur

by John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 27 — Americans continue to relocate to Florida in record numbers. The sun and fun of the sunshine state has a lot to do with it but don’t discount the attraction of the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis. He’s just as popular across the country as he is in his own state. Governor … Read more

From CRT to M&M’s, DeSantis and GOP’s war on ‘woke’ speaks … – USA TODAY

Like many Americans in this age of stupid things, I face an existential question: Am I woke? I assume not, because Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t tried to ban me, as he recently did an AP high school course on African-American studies. But who knows? Maybe I’m stealth-woke. Maybe my very presence in society indoctrinates … Read more

Anti-Woke Everything – Progressive.org – Progressive.org

In one little interview, a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission called into question the safety of household gas stoves. This is by no means a new issue or something that was going to lead to immediate action to ban the stoves, let alone anyone coming to your house to rip them out. Nevertheless, Republicans pounced. They had … Read more

Worker rejects ‘woke’ training for 2 reasons – New court ruling provides guidance – Hr Morning

Why do we need your credit card for a free trial? We ask for your credit card to allow your subscription to continue should you decide to keep your membership beyond the free trial period.  This prevents any interruption of content access. Your card will not be charged at any point during your 21 day … Read more

Red States Sue to Block Labor Department’s ‘Woke’ ESG Rule – Bloomberg Law

Texas, leading a coalition of 24 states, sued the Biden Administration Thursday to stop a new US Department of Labor rule that allegedly prioritizes “ill-defined” environmental, social, and governance concepts into ERISA regulations. The rule “prioritizes woke Environmental, Social and Governance investing over protecting the retirement savings of approximately two-thirds of the US population,” Texas … Read more

Corporate cowardice: M&M cave to the right with pause on their … – The Guardian

They were inciting a communist takeover. They were promoting radical wokeness. Worst of all, they weren’t hot any more. A year after it first began, one of the most ridiculous back-and-forths between a large corporation and the media I’ve witnessed in my lifetime is finally over. The M&M’s have pulled their beloved spokescandies. It all … Read more