Censorship and CRT – The Spokesman-Review

It is hysterically funny how people – ordinary folk, Republican politicians, some famous people (like Aaron Rodgers), and right-wing conservatives are now using terms like “woke” “cancel culture” and “critical race theory” and none of them have the faintest idea about what those terms mean. They are just parroting Fox News.

Academics in Cultural Studies have conducted research for years in the area of critical race theory – but they actually know what the terms mean. None of the people I’ve seen or have read about who use those terms, including letters to the editor and Fox News, knows what they are talking about. I said it was hysterically funny, but it really is hysterically embarrassing for them (and the U.S.).

Stop using those terms people – because you don’t know what they mean – it makes you appear very ignorant. And commanding what is or is not taught in schools is censorship – which is what dictatorships do, not democracies.

Darcy Miller


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