Derby woman shares correspondences with royal family – WIBW

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Thousands lined the streets outside Westminster Abbey in London Monday as Britain marked the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II. Millions more from around the world watched the ceremony live. Among the many remembering Queen Elizabeth II is a Derby woman who corresponded with her by mail.

Joan Farr enjoys sending cards to the royal family. Strengthening a connection, she feels to the royals is that the family personally replies.

“My mother, I believe, named me after Queen Elizabeth. My name is Joan Elizabeth Farr,” she said.

Farr remembers her first trip to London in 1981.

“So, I was able to take pictures of the carriage going by with Diana in it,” she recalled.

She remembers the crowds in London, much like the ones gathered Monday.

“Everything that’s going on regarding her funeral is taking me back to when I was there for Princess Diana and Charles’ wedding,” Farr said. “So, it was a memorable time for me.”

In 2011, Farr started writing to Prince William and Princess Kate. She sends birthday cards to their children.

“When Prince George was born, I sent little cowboy boots because this is Kansas after all,” she said. ‘And they sent me a personal letter after that, thanking me because that’s something you don’t see in England very often.”

Farr sent a sympathy card to the queen last year after her husband, Prince Phillip, died at the age of 99. She also sent a card to the queen on her 90th birthday in 2016.

“I just think she was an example that we should be following as men and women,” Farr said of Elizabeth II. “I just hope that that it will inspire America to finally elect a woman president because she did it (helped to lead her country) so well for so long.”

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