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As a member of the royal family you naturally come into contact with a near constant stream of important people, from foreign leaders and dignitaries to royalty of other varieties in the form of artistic greats.

With King Charles turning 74 later this year he will know this better than any other royal, with his decades of experience travelling the world as a representative of the crown as the Prince of Wales. There was one particular member of musical royalty that we didn’t know Charles had met until last night though.

With the Queen’s funeral ending yesterday evening, the eldest daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash, Rosanne, posted an incredible photo of her father with none other than King Charles, looking both youthful and uncharacteristically rugged, sporting a thick brown beard.

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In posting the photo Rosanne, herself a musician, wrote: “I’ve been debating all day whether or not to post this photo, but it’s just too good to keep under wraps. I expect a lot of captions, but none I haven’t thought of already. But go right ahead.”

Royal fans replying to the fascinating snapshot, thought to have been take in 1976, had plenty to say, one joking: “What a huge honour to meet royalty. Charles is a lucky guy.”

Royal fans have been raving over how the young Charles in the photo looks just like Prince Harry

But others couldn’t help but spot the remarkable similarities between a young Charles and Prince Harry, no doubt aided by the beard. One said: “Wow, am I the only one who sees an uncanny resemblance between a young Charles and Prince Harry?”

A second agreeing: “This is one of the first times I can actually see Charles’ features in his son Harry.” Another adding: “Gosh I am struck by how Harry resembles his father in this! Not the caption you may have been looking for!”

What do you think, can you see Harry in a young Charles? Let us know in the comments here.

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