France Tightens Border Controls With Belgium to Stop the Influx of Transmigrants – –

France plans to deploy more police officers at the country’s border with Belgium in order to halt the influx of transmigrants, the French Foreign Affairs Minister, Gerald Darmanin, has confirmed.

Such a decision comes after a total of 17,000 migrants have travelled through Belgium in order to cross to the United Kingdom, reports.

Authorities in France have announced that a large number of migrants use Zeebrugge and Ostend ports as crossing points, helped by people-traffickers. According to them, other migrants make their own way from the Belgian coast to the French coast, from where the crossing is shorter but not safer.

“Fifty per cent of the migrants who want to cross from Calais and Dunkirk come from Belgium. I have asked the prefect to deploy control personnel along the entire Belgian border to arrest smugglers and migrants who want to leave Belgium to arrive in the north of France in order to drain the well. This strategy has proven its worth. We ask our Belgian friends to do the same on their side,” Darmanin pointed out.

In addition, Darmanin also urged authorities in the United Kingdom to pay €63 million (£54 million) that the latter’s government promised in order to stop migrants from reaching its shores.

On the other hand, the Belgian Home Affairs Minister, Annelies Verlinden, said that she does not think that “any country benefits from pointing at each other and looking for a culprit.”

“It’s no use pointing the finger at each other. We must find a solution to this problem of transmigrants together because this requires European collaboration and coordination. Just holding neighbouring countries responsible is — as far as I’m concerned — not the solution,” Verlinden has emphasized.

The issue of migrants and refugees brings many polemics, and it is among the most discussed issues among European Union authorities; however, no concrete solution has been found to this problem.

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Recently, reported that 12 European Union Member States urged for an update of the Schengen Border Code in order to permit “physical barriers” as border preventive measures.

In this regard, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia addressed a joint letter to the European Commission VP Schinas, Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson and the Slovenian EU Presidency, named ‘Adaptation of the EU legal framework to new realities’.

However, some European authorities do not consider fences and walls enough preventive measures in order to deal with the recent influx in the number of migrants, most of them from Afghanistan, who are attempting to reach European countries. According to them, detention camps would help to deal with the increasing number of migrants.

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