‘Fugitive From Justice’: Nonbinary Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton Arrested at Home

Sam Brinton, the “genderfluid” baggage thief who once served as President Joe Biden’s top nuclear waste disposal expert, was arrested Wednesday as a “fugitive from justice.”

Police in Montgomery County, Maryland, arrested the Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year at his home, court records show. A neighbor of the disgraced former federal official told the Daily Wire that “four unmarked police” arrived at Brinton’s home Wednesday evening and wouldn’t let his spouse leave. An hour later, Brinton was escorted out of his home in handcuffs, the neighbor said.

Further details on Brinton’s arrest are not immediately available. Brinton, who identifies as “nonbinary” and uses they/them pronouns, remains in custody in Rockville, Maryland. He is set to appear for a hearing in court Thursday afternoon.

Brinton made history last year as the first nonbinary federal official to face felony charges for stealing women’s suitcases from airports in Minnesota and Nevada. The former official, a well-known figure in the sexual fetish community who teaches classes on the “science of spanking,” drew a six-figure, taxpayer-funded salary and benefits for more than a month after his first arrest in November. Brinton was dismissed from federal service in December.

Brinton narrowly escaped jail time in his two separate baggage theft cases. He was ordered in April to pay $3,671 to a woman whose suitcase he stole in July 2022 from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Also in April, a Minnesota court ordered Brinton to undergo a mental health evaluation, enter an adult diversion program, and write a letter of apology to another woman, whose bag he stole from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in September 2022.

It’s unclear if Brinton’s arrest Wednesday is related to allegations that he stole a third suitcase from a Washington, D.C., airport in 2018.

Houston fashion designer Asya Khamsin said in February that she believes Brinton is responsible for stealing her luggage. She posted pictures on Twitter showing Brinton wearing her custom outfit and jewelry that she lost from the bag, which was never recovered.

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