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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaii’s Republican Party held their first state convention in two years with majority of their candidates running this election season in attendance.

Over a hundred people attended this year’s Hawaii Republican Party state convention at the Hawaii Convention Center.

The state’s GOP chair, Lynn Finnegan, said they’re noticing more Republicans getting involved and more individuals joining their political party.

“The apathy is no longer there,” said Finnegan. “There are people who are becoming activated, and they’re saying, ‘Yes, we want to join this movement. We want to stand for Hawaii, we want everything to change this upcoming election.’”

Although Hawaii is a heavily democratic state, there are well-known candidates willing to take the risk of running for governor.

The most famous being, former MMA champion B.J. Penn.

“I’m pro freedom of choice and the difference between me and everybody else is I’m going to get the Democrat and Republican vote,” said Penn. “I’m going to get them all.”

“I resonate far beyond the policies. I resonate with the people,” he said

Also in the run for governor is long-time Honolulu City Councilmember Heidi Tsuneyoshi.

“Serving as a council member, we are very much in the community, grassroots hands on representation,” said Tsuneyoshi. “And I do believe, especially at this time, that’s the type of servant leadership that we need at that highest level of office.”

Other governor candidates introduced at the convention included Gary Cordery, Keline-Kameyo Kahau, Lynn Barry Mariano and Paul Morgan.

The convention attendees from across the state also discussed taking positions on crime, corruption, housing and affordability.

With many state and county elected offices up for grabs this year, Finnegan said they’re seeing a growing willingness to run as Republicans.

“And so, we have a goal of filling every seat with a quality candidate that can go toe to toe with the Democrats,” said Finnegan.

The primary election is set for August 13.

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