Gutfeld weighs pros, cons of COVID vaccine; encourages breaking out of ‘prison of two ideas’ – Fox News

The pros of receiving the coronavirus vaccine seemingly outweigh the cons but “The Five” host Greg Gutfeld argued the unknowns of long-term impact is enough to deter anyone.

Gutfeld shared his COVID vaccination chart, comparing the consequences of getting the vaccine vs. contracting the virus – a comparison tool he said he’s examined with his wife who is unvaccinated.

“On the short term, getting COVID is bad. Everybody knows that. It feels bad, unless you’re super healthy and young,” he said. “Long term complications, long haul of COVID… bad. Then you go over to getting vaccinated. Short term, good. We find out the vaccine reduces risk, reduces symptoms and it’s well-tolerated like most vaccines are. The only question mark is there in the long-term vaccinations.”


Out of the four boxes, Gutfeld explained that all signs lead to getting vaccinated as the best option, yet he cannot fault those who fixate on the question mark of long-term consequences.

“I cannot deny the fact that people look and they go, ‘that one box is the box that bothers me the most,’” he said. “And, therefore, I can argue coherently that that’s why I’m not getting the vax.”

Gutfeld encouraged viewers to break out of the two-sided perspective of receiving the vaccine as good or bad and instead respect one another’s differences in preference.


“You know the long-term effects of COVID, and it’s bad, you should govern by that and not by the question mark,” he said. “But you can see in this chart you have a shared turf, and not everybody that you disagree with is an idiot. We need to break out of the prison of two ideas. Because this is the problem right now, is that fourth box.”

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