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The South Dakota Indian Education Advisory Council had one item on its agenda yesterday, to discuss Governor Kristi Noem’s Executive Order 2022-02, the campaign stunt in which she pretends she is banning critical race theory from K-12 schools. But evidently the members of the Indian Education Advisory Council don’t view the matter as critical:

…the teleconference fell short of the majority needed for a quorum, as only a handful of the council’s 27 members called in.

Fred Osborn, who is director of the state Office of Indian Education… twice asked for patience while attempts went out to get more members onto the call. Twelve minutes after the scheduled start time, he told those waiting, “We still do not have a quorum present.” He added, “However, discussion is allowed.”

There was no discussion [Bob Mercer, “No-Shows Keep Indian K-12 Panel from Meeting on CRT,” KELO-TV, 2022.05.11].

According to the minutes (hmmm… since there was no quorum, there was no meeting, so there can’t really be minutes; maybe we should call them seconds), council member Sarah White of Rapid City asked if the Office of Indian Education plans to “counter” EO 2022-02. OIE director Osborn, who also sits on the politically rigged social studies standards revision committee, said his office is still pushing the Oceti Sakowin Educational Understandings & Standards and, as a branch of the Department of Tribal Relations and not the Department of Education, is not subject to the Governor’s order. (Osborn is technically correct—EO 2022-02 applies solely to the Department of Education—but if he keeps letting defiant talk like that sneak onto the record, he’ll find himself getting a special meeting at the Mansion.)

The Indian Education Advisory Council will try again next week Wednesday (1 p.m. Central! on Zoom! log in, people!) to discuss Executive Order 2022-02 and whether Indians can still be part of education in Kristi Noem’s South Dakota.

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