Israel-Hamas war is a war between good and evil, Jewish Agency heads say

Doron Almog, chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel, and Mark Wilf, chairman of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors, participated in a special conference held at the Capitol, hosted by the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) in partnership with The Jerusalem Post, which included leading members of Congress from both parties, Israeli representatives, and Jewish and Christian leaders.

In their remarks, members of Congress expressed their full support for Israel and pledged to continue their support for the long term. They highlighted Israel’s importance to the security and well-being of the United States, and the need to rebuild Israel after the war.

Almog and Wilf spoke at the conference, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between Israel and the United States.

 Mark Wilf and Doron Almog. (credit: JEWISH AGENCY)
Mark Wilf and Doron Almog. (credit: JEWISH AGENCY)

The importance of US-Israel cooperation

“This is a war between Good and Evil,” Almog said. “We are not seeking revenge or punishment; we’re fighting for our people, for our Jewish Israeli identity, and to illuminate our own way.”

“The Jewish Agency is the largest Jewish organization in the world with a broad range of responsibilities. Consequently, we feel responsible for the lives of every Jew, regardless of their background, a responsibility that takes on new meaning these days,” Wilf said. “Since the terrorist attack on October 7, we have set ourselves two main goals: helping the victims of terrorism and combating the growing antisemitism on campuses across the United States.”

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