Israeli precision strikes eliminate terror threats in Gaza, unveils hidden tunnel

IDF soldiers in the Maglan unit has executed precision missile strikes and successfully confronted terrorist threats in the Gaza Strip, according to an IDF statement.

Soldiers employed cutting weaponry, including the Gil missile and the “Steel Trap” guided missile, marking its inaugural use in combat.

The Maglan unit’s primary mission involves the identification and elimination of enemy targets, coupled with seamless coordination between air, sea, and ground forces.

Targets destroyed above and underground

The fighters have located and destroyed over 70 targets, encompassing enemy observation posts, terrorist hideouts often embedded within civilian areas, rocket launchers, and terrorist cells. They have also successfully neutralized a number of terrorists.

In a recent ground operation within the Shati region of the northern Gaza Strip, Maglan fighters conducted a raid on a terrorist’s residence, revealing an extensive cache of weapons. The unit also searched a nearby school, uncovering two tunnel shafts.

Original News Source Link – Jerusalem Post


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