It Is A Red Wave. And Here’s Why

SAN ANTONIO TX – Don’t let the media fool you and don’t let Democrats get by with more lies. What happened this election was indeed a red wave. A real big red wave. Here’s why… (there are so many wins that I am not going to list them ALL, so here are some highlights – please share!).

Win #1) The Republicans gained control of the house. The final number is of no real consequence because at the end of the day, we removed Nancy Pelosi from power. We also flipped many important blue seats to red. More on that later. Bye Nancy!

Win #2) The Republicans will be taking control of the Senate. But wait… why don’t we already have control of the senate? Technically, we should, because before this election the GOP has 50 seats, Democrats only have 48, and there are 2 independents (they aren’t really very independent if they caucus with the Democrats). The fact that the independents caucus with the Democrats is not even relevant. What happened to our control you may ask? Mitch McConnell negotiated it away to Schumer in their much forgotten deal. That’s right – it was Mitch who sold us down the river – but that leads me to win number two – McConnell will be gone ASAP because Senate Republicans will be voting him out.

Win #3) We easily took out the DCCC Chair, Sean Patrick Maloney. In New York no less. It was the first time in decades that this has happened. Phony Maloney was the man responsible for much of the night’s Democrat disaster races. What an utter and compete failure he is. Congrats to Republican Mike Lawler!

Win #4)Ohio liberal Democrat career politician Tim Ryan is gone. Finally. And he was beat by underfunded hillbilly, JD Vance. Imagine the embarrassment of that. Ryan lost by a pretty big margin as well. No, not a DeSantis sized margin, but nearly 10 points. Tim Ryan was a liberal Congressman in Ohio for at least 20 years (different districts). JD Vance was endorsed by Trump, who had a last minute rally for JD. The rest of Ohio Republicans without that benefit didn’t fare so well.

Win #5) The GOP flipped a Texas border seat from blue to red. Something that has never happened in this area. Ever. Our new Congresswoman, Monica De La Cruz, is a conservative Latina (and single mom!) who beat the Democrat by nearly TEN points. On the border! In a Hispanic majority district! Yeah, no red wave here, right?

Win #6) Ron DeSantis. My God, this man is a total hero. Never backing down from the liberal leftist nutjobs who have tried to take over Florida, Ron showed everyone what a winner looks like this past Tuesday by not only winning, and not only winning by TWENTY points, but by handily winning the extremely liberal counties of Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. Inconceivable!

Win #7) Ron DeSantis (kinda) again? Yes. Lifelong career politician of whatever party he is running with this year Charlie Crist gave up his Democrat Congressional seat in Florida to go up against DeSantis. So, not only did DeSantis win, and Crist lost, BUT…. Crist’s old Democrat seat went to a…. GIRL! A Republican girl! A conservative Latina Republican girl! Congrats Anna Paulina Luna! She beat Democrat Eric Lynn by nearly ten points. #BloodBath

Win #8) Ron DeSantis yet again? Yes! Riding the DeSantis wave to victory Tuesday night was US Senator Marco Rubio, who had never before gotten those kind of numbers. Rubio also won the heavily blue counties of Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. Yikes, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Win #9) Ron DeSantis again, for real? Yes!! And Marco Rubio again (for real). Because of Florida’s resign to run law, far left Orlando Democrat Val Demings had to give up her Congressional seat in order to challenge Rubio for a seat she would never be able to win. That means, she lost not one, but TWO seats in one night. Oh, and the Democrat party threw a ton of money into her wasted race (that’s another win). You just can’t make this stuff up!

Win #10) Florida’s 7th Congressional district flipped from blue to red when Republican Cory Mills beat Democrat Karen Green with 58% of the vote (that’s a lot!).

Win #11) Liz Cheney. Good riddance!! Yes the war criminal’s daughter will need to find a new gig. Next stop – The View, where every shrew should go to die.

Win #12) Illinois “Republican” Adam Kinzinger. Don’t let the door hit ya! You are one toxic POS!

Win #13) Virginia Congressional District 2. Republican Jen Kiggans ousted do-nothing Democrat rep Elaine Luria.

Win #14) Our client, George Barnett, flipped a Kentucky Magistrate seat from decades of liberal demise to Republican!

Win #15) Bye bye Beto. Everyone knew he had ZERO chance of winning (again) but we love it when a loony leftist gets a multimillion dollar smack down anyways!

Win #16) Go sit down Miss Stacey Abrams. Somehow, we just knew she would lose YET AGAIN. This woman is extremely disgusting, toxic and a hard core racist. Just nasty. Democrats threw millions and millions of dollars into that race. Yes, they actually convinced themselves that she somehow had a chance. Miss Abrams will have to figure out a new way to grift millions of dollars out of dumb Democrats. I suspect it won’t take her very long. She’s a pro!

Win #17) Nevada – Sheriff Joe Lombardo will be declared the winner in the Gubernatorial race against Steve Sisolak. Sisolak was a TOTAL FAILURE for Nevada, shutting down the entire state (including the famed Las Vegas Strip) and putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work during COVID. There was millions of dollars missing from the unemployment coffers while desperate, out of work people waited MONTHS and at times over a YEAR to get their unemployment checks!

Win #18) Nevada – We are calling it for Adam Laxalt for US Senate. Laxalt has a pretty sizable lead at the moment. The fact that as of this writing (THREE DAYS after the election) they still haven’t been able to count ballots in the sparsely populated state worries us a great deal, but we hope in the end we will prevail. This is what happens when you elect Democrats to do a job – they don’t.

Win #19) Lisa Murkowski is out. Finally. Wish we could have removed more traitors, but she is one of the biggest ones. By the way, her challenger was endorsed and supported by Trump.

Win #20) Georgia – Warnock could not get enough votes to win without a runoff. We predict Walker will win because in the general, there was a Liberaltarian who soaked up enough votes to force this race into a runoff. That Liberaltarian will not be in the run off and those votes will almost assuredly go to the Republican Walker (if they show up to vote).

Lauren Stephens from
Election Day Strategies

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