Joe O’Dea says he hopes Trump doesn’t run for President – Colorado Public Radio

A spokesperson for the O’Dea campaign said that statement from the debate has not changed. If Trump and Biden face-off again in 2024, O’Dea will not be voting for Biden, without clarifying if that would mean he would vote for Trump. However, Kyle Clark from 9News tweeted that the O’Dea campaign had told him that O’Dea would still vote for Trump if he is the Republican nominee in 2024.

The O’Dea campaign was very clear in its message about the Republican presidential primary.

“If former President Trump runs, he can expect Joe to campaign alongside [other possible GOP contenders] Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, or Tim Scott,” said Kyle Kohli.

The comments are the latest step that O’Dea, who has positioned himself as a more centrist candidate, has taken to appeal to a broad swath of voters in a state that President Joe Biden won by double digits. Coloradans last elected a Republican to the Senate in 2014.

While it might seem like an about face to some Republican voters, however, O’Dea’s campaign manger Zach Roday said on Twitter that it shows O’Dea’s independent streak.

“Joe says what others want to say. That’s what you get with a contractor – someone who tells it like it is,” Roday tweeted. “No political party will own[O’Dea]. He’ll always put his country first.”

But if O’Dea is talking to show daylight between him and Trump, he continues to try and link Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet to Biden, who has seen low approval ratings as inflation reached record highs.

Just as Republican candidates are being asked about Trump in 2024, Democratic candidates are being asked if they will back Biden, who has indicated he will seek reelection, in 2024.

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