Labor Head Su Subpoenaed by House Republican

House Republicans issued a subpoena to Acting Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary Julie Su regarding the possible misuse of taxpayer funds.

The subpoena (pdf), was issued as part of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce’s investigation and came following multiple attempts to obtain answers to Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) and the committee’s questions.

Ms. Foxx asserts concerns that the “Workers’ Voice Summit,” which was organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in September 2022, was inherently political in nature and thus should not have received public funding.

Ms. Su is required to appear before the committee on Dec. 6 in accordance with the subpoena, which is an integral element of the investigation.

The investigation aims to assess whether legislative changes are required to prevent inappropriate, wasteful, or self-aggrandizing activities within OSHA and other DOL offices, according to a letter (pdf) accompanying the subpoena. The move follows what the committee perceives as inadequate and delayed responses from the DOL to its requests for information.

Ms. Foxx asserts that the summit “seemed more akin to a political pep rally than a legitimate use of taxpayer funds,” and that the DOL has been “dismissive” of her and the committee’s concerns.

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“The Committee is asking for simple answers from OSHA and Acting Secretary Su,” Ms. Foxx wrote in a statement. “The fact that the Committee must issue a subpoena to compel the agency to do its job and be forthcoming is outrageous.

“That kind of behavior may fly in the Biden administration but not here. Every taxpayer dollar must be accounted for and used appropriately, and we will not rest until our questions are sufficiently answered.”

Ms. Foxx initially submitted an inquiry on Oct. 5, 2022, regarding the summit. Despite DOL’s response on Oct. 24, 2022, being deemed dismissive and insufficient, Ms. Foxx persisted in seeking comprehensive and timely answers.

The committee asserts its duty to conduct oversight and demand accountability, emphasizing the need for complete and punctual responses from the DOL.

The concerns around the propriety of the summit were voiced by Ms. Foxx on Sept. 27, 2023, during a hearing where she expressed reservations about the event being held a month before the election, its exclusive guest list comprising administration supporters, and the closed nature of the proceedings. In her questioning of OSHA Assistant Secretary Douglas L. Parker, Ms. Foxx sought clarity on these matters and requested a thorough response to her previous inquiries.

Despite the committee accommodating the DOL’s request for additional time to provide a “substantive response,” the Nov, 14 reply from the DOL was once again deemed incomplete by the committee.

According to the letter (pdf), critical details, such as the identities of outside participants, prepared remarks of DOL officials, financial aspects of the summit, and legal and ethics advice, were conspicuously absent from the response.

The committee emphasizes its interest in determining whether taxpayer resources were appropriately utilized for statutory purposes or potentially diverted for political promotion.

Ms. Foxx previously made headlines requesting that Ms. Su and President Joe Biden submit information regarding workplace accidents and injuries at the White House following reports that the president’s dog had attacked and bitten multiple staff members.

In her Oct. 11 letter, Ms. Foxx wrote that the “White House is responsible for setting an example when it comes to ensuring workplace safety and health for its employees,” but that reports suggest it is “failing to uphold this responsibility.”

The lawmaker voiced concerns that OSHA standards might not be currently upheld at the White House.

The Epoch Times has reached out to the DOL for a response to the letter.

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