Look up the explanation of CRT or Critical Race Theory. Please. The Brookings Institute has a detailed explanation of the theory, which is not, I repeat not taught in schools. What is taught in schools is called history based on the facts of the consequences of the inherent evil of slavery. And the subsequent oppression visited on Blacks throughout our history.

CRT is a college level course detailing a complex history and theory of how racism is imbedded in our social structures to explain how we as a nation have developed institutions and laws which oppress people of color.

Now the far-right Trump cult has seized upon CRT as a symbol of their supposed white victimization. Thinking people know that is a distortion or outright lie. The others are screaming vitriol at school board meetings and threatening bodily harm to school board members. For shame! What have we become?

The Ku Klux Klan is alive in the Proud Boys and their ilk. They thrive on mindless and groundless slogans and uproar. Their hate and divisiveness threatens all of us. Let’s be thoughtful and informed and know what we’re talking about based on facts, not lies.

Lucia Leone Sleight