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Independent voters concerned about safety, CRT

As a resident of Stafford, it remains incumbent on me to study issues affecting my children and grandchildren. Safety is paramount. And I don’t enjoy feeling less safe with the lack of support of law enforcement demonstrated by Gov. Northam and the Democratic nominee for governor, Terry McAuliffe.

I am an independent voter and frustrated by the direction Virginia is heading. Start-up businesses are having a tough time, especially in the minority community. I also have concerns for my veteran son, who served in Somalia, receiving care.

Thank God that Winsome Sears, the conservative candidate for lieutenant governor, is a former Marine. She will get my vote.

Out-of-control welfare is causing businesses to lose employees due to federal handouts rather than immigrants wanting to work to sustain families. This is caused when undocumented immigrants are being flown in from our southern border as well as new Afghan arrivals who are not given COVID shots. They are putting our citizens at risk. I blame President Biden and local Democrats.

Examining the candidates for this November, I remain impressed that Jason Miyares, candidate for attorney general whose mother legally immigrated from Cuba, is focused on the rule of law.

Above all, I remain concerned about jobs and electing a governor who is committed to stopping critical race theory from destroying the need for racial harmony by replacing it with racial division. As was recently proven by the Stafford Board of Supervisors, some elements of CRT were being used as reference tools by the Stafford school administration until it was removed.

This validates the fact CRT is being backdoored in Virginia and another reason why I’m voting for Glenn Youngkin, who has pledged to eliminate it, for governor.

Kathy Rutkowski

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