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A platinum-album-selling musician, known for his political takes, featured a surprise video cameo from former President Donald Trump. Here are the details.

What Happened: A major theme of a recent concert by Kid Rock was his political opinions. Songs such as “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” and “We the People” are among the musician’s songs that feature pro-Donald Trump and anti-media comments.

A video appeared on stage before Kid Rock sang “We the People” from Trump. The former president called Kid Rock fans “the true backbone of our great country — hardworking, God-fearing, rock ‘n’ roll patriots.”

Fans cheered as Trump’s video message played.

“Let’s make America rock again,” Trump said, wearing a signature red hat with that slogan.

Trump became well known for his phrase “Make America Great Again” during the 2016 presidential election.

Musician Kid Rock, born in Romeo, Michigan, played at Pine Knob in Detroit on Friday, one of the many concerts he’s played in Detroit over the years.

Kid Rock told the hometown crowd that he could be done with full-blown tours soon.

“You never know what the future holds,” Kid Rock said. “But if we do a few events a year, it’d be a pretty safe bet that something will be in Michigan.”

The musician confirmed he was taking a break for at least a few years. Kid Rock said he has grandchildren he wants to spend time with.

The concert on Friday was Kid Rock’s first at Pine Knob in three years. Kid Rock has played 38 shows at Pine Knob, counting Friday and a second show on Saturday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The shows were part of the “Bad Reputation tour,” which runs through Oct. 8. The show featured Kid Rock performing hit songs like “Devil Without a Cause,” “Cowboy,” “Bawitdaba,” “Born Free” and “Picture.”

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Why It’s Important: Kid Rock is best known for his musical talent, but over the years has been in the news for his political and controversial takes

A rant made by Kid Rock in 2019 that took shots at Oprah Winfrey led to the musician seeing his namesake restaurant at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena have his name taken off. A license for Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit restaurant was not renewed after the controversy of the rant surfaced.

“I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough,” Kid Rock said after the restaurant closing announcement. “I will let the NAN network (National Action Network) and others go ahead and take the wheel now. Good luck.”

The move came as a shock to some, as Kid Rock was the first musician to ever play a concert at Little Caesars Arena.

“With this world-class, Michigan-made, Detroit-built facility, it is only fitting that we would welcome a Michigan-made, Detroit-built entertainment icon to perform the very first shows here at Little Caesars Arena,” Ilitch Holdings CEO Christopher Ilitch said.

The current Bad Reputation tour has featured various video messages from Trump. Kid Rock remains an outspoken supporter of Trump.

Over the years, Kid Rock has teased aspirations for a political career, something that could heat up with his hinting at taking a break from touring and music.

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