Miami Businesswoman Launches Congressional Campaign Against Wilson

MIAMI FL, NOVEMBER 22nd , 2021 – Long time Republican Miami businesswoman, Patricia Gonzalez, announces her Congressional campaign against Frederica Wilson in Florida’s 24th district, which currently encompasses parts of Miami, Miami Gardens, Miramar, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines and Opa Locka. The district number and borders may change once Florida’s redistricting has been finalized.

“I know the district was a Democrat stronghold for the past few election cycles, but now that people who typically voted Democrat have seen the death, destruction, job losses, shut downs and Anti-American policies of the Democrat party in action, I feel confident they just want their American Dream back.” said Gonzalez. “There is no way they can achieve that with Democrats at the helm.”.

Gonzalez’s race includes two other candidates, Christine Olivo and Lavern Spicer. Both already lost against Wilson in the last election cycle. According to Federal Election Commission records, Spicer’s campaign is now over $14,000.00 in debt, and Olivo’s campaign has less than $500.00 in the bank with the majority of her donations being non-monetary “in-kind” donations.

The filing fee to run for Congress in Florida is $10,440.00, which must be paid in a few months.

Congresswoman Wilson raised only $148,000 in the most recent reporting cycle, with the vast majority coming from out of state. Additionally, over $98,000 of that money came from special interest groups based in DC, rather than from people in Florida.

“Wilson has been for sale to the highest bidders for years. This indicates to me that she doesn’t have the support of our district and has only been getting by because she has a D behind her name. That strategy will no longer work for Democrats, as witnessed by the 2021 elections.” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez has a diverse family background which includes her Haitian immigrant father, her Bahamian American mother and her Cuban husband. She was inspired to run because of the leadership and successful, pro-American policies of other Republicans such as Governor Ron DeSantis, President Trump and all the Republicans nationwide who turned their districts from blue to red this year.

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