None Dare Call it “Amnesty” Senate Talks ‘Reform Bill”, Bergquam Finds Cartel Bridge Into US, “They let it Stay, This is Treason”

Ben Bergquam slammed the Democrat administration of Joe Biden over the massive injustice of allowing huge groups of people to come into the United States of America during the latest few days.

Even though a federal judge restrained Biden, he is not complying, and now the judge is saying the number of migrants coming into the US is a bridge too far. And Bergquam knows how some of them are getting into the country.

What Bergquam shows in the following video is absolutely outrageous. Huge groups are coming into the country.

Standing amid a massive pile of garbage, that hints at the huge size of the group that left it their items behind, Bergquam found IDs in the rubbish, which is really concerning.

“Know why they leave these behind?” Bergquam said, holding up a pile of ID cards. ” So we can’t vet them. We have no idea who these people are and no one is coming here to find out. There is a bridge that the Catel built so migrants won’t get their feet wet, and Biden is letting it stand,” Bergquam said, answering his own question.

Building a Bridge in plain sight:

Bergquam revealed that Border Control is actually making it easier as well, with their own attempt to help migrants with their bags, and by giving them snacks:

Sheriff Leon Wilmot talked to Bergquam for a Real America’s Voice segment, and told him about the devastating consequences of Biden’s open border policies:

“There is nothing going on here that is humane. People have been killed, children are being left abandoned, and raped and crimes are escalating because of these migrants. This test of theirs is a total disaster,” Wilmot said.

Bergquam showed IDs from all over the world, including green IDs which he explains means should not allow those people to apply for asylum in the US.

Mayorkas is no help, Wilmot explained to Bergquam, saying:

“Mr. Mayorkas has no confidence from us. He is not qualified to do what he is doing. He is lying to us. These people have gotten here and thrown their IDs away,” he said, slamming Myorkas.

And now we know that it isn’t just Democrat Joe Biden and his administration, it is Democrats in the Senate- and their RINO pals who want to help Biden let massive groups of invaders into the country, bypassing our immigration system:

The Hill reported that the Politicians are pushing to allow migrants to stay because people need workers:

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said Sunday that he sees an opportunity for bipartisan collaboration in the Senate over immigration reform as the end of Title 42 last week prompted concerns about a surge of migrants at the border.

“So despite my tough words for how Republicans approach this issue, I think there is still an opportunity, at least in the Senate, for bipartisan immigration reform, maybe not the size of the bill in 2013,” Murphy told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press”. “But I do think there are a group of Republicans in the Senate who recognize that we have this massive labor shortage.”

News of the potential bill comes just as a judge considers holding Biden in the concept of his order to stop migration.

Politico reported that a judge is not happy about Biden:

The Biden administration remains unable to carry out a key piece of its immigration agenda at the southern border after a Florida judge on Monday night denied the federal government’s attempt to proceed with the policies as a simmering legal battle unfolds.

U.S. District Court Judge T. Kent Wetherell kept his ruling against the Department of Homeland Security and other federal immigration officials intact, rejecting a request to put it on hold while the Biden administration pursues an appeal in the case brought by the DeSantis administration.

At stake is a Biden administration policy that allows the government to release some asylum seekers into the U.S. on a “parole” basis with limited supervision.

In denying the stay sought by the federal government over the restraining order Wetherell put into place Thursday, the Trump-appointed judge cited recent statements from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claiming that the number of migrants at the US southern border “are markedly down over what they were prior to the end of Title 42.”

“If the sky did not fall then, the Court has no reason to believe that the sky will fall now,” Wetherell wrote.

The Monday evening court order capped off a lengthy day of filings in the Pensacola federal court, where Florida’s immigration fight with the Biden administration has ramped up since last week.

There are likely to be additional procedural motions in anticipation of an appeal by the Biden administration, as Wetherell indicated another ruling was coming “in the next day or so.”

Wetherell issued an order Thursday barring the Biden administration from enforcing a key aspect of the policies it planned to put into effect in the aftermath of the end of Title 42, the health-related limits on asylum seekers imposed after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The policy Wetherell blocked last week set rules for parole of migrants into the U.S., especially those not yet put into formal deportation proceedings or given immigration court dates.

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