Pelosi Statement on the 2022 Election – Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after the House was called for Republicans in the 2022 election:

“This year, House Democrats defied expectations with an excellent performance: running their races with courage, optimism and determination.  In the next Congress, House Democrats will continue to play a leading role in supporting President Biden’s agenda — with strong leverage over a scant Republican majority.

“House Democrats are thrilled to have so many terrific new and returning Members to the House, who will reinvigorate our Caucus with their energy, diversity and patriotism.  We salute our departing Members for their magnificent leadership, achieving landmark progress on health care, climate action, infrastructure, gun violence, veterans and more that can never be diminished.

“At least three critical states are still counting ballots.  We are endlessly grateful to those who continue their patriotic work to ensure each vote is counted as cast.”

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