Primaries today: Updates on elections in Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Washington – The Washington Post

Voters in Kansas are weighing in on abortion, the first electoral test since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. Voters are deciding whether the state’s Constitution protects the right to abortion.

Aaron Hove, 70, director of the Haskell Foundation, a nonprofit that supports Haskell Indian Nations University, and his wife, Gayleen Hove, 69, were voting “no” on the constitutional amendment at the Lawrence Heights Christian Church in Lawrence, Kan., on Tuesday, meaning they support abortion rights.

“I don’t think anybody is in favor of abortion per se, but I want to protect a woman’s right to choose,” Aaron Hove said.

He said he thought that a lot of those who support abortion rights like himself stopped their activism after Roe was decided nearly 50 years ago, seeing the Supreme Court’s landmark decision as settled law.

“A lot of people fell asleep after Roe was decided in 1973,” he said. “Those on other side of the issue have been incredibly energized and worked hard to make their point of view known. That’s why we are at where we are today.”

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