Prince William and Kate Middleton’s new role in the Royal Family – Marca English

The death of Queen Elizabeth II means new responsibilities for both Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This comes after King Charles III named them Prince and Princess of Wales respectively.

William’s role

It’s a big move for William, especially with King Charles III becoming the oldest person to assume the British throne at the age of 73. It means the Prince of Wales won’t have to wait too long to take the throne.

“Things will change a little bit,” Jonathan Sacerdoti, an expert on the Royal Family, told E News. “I think it’s part of growing up and growing into the role, and knowing that his duty will increase and his service is likely to increase.

“There’s no reason to think he won’t carry all that.”

The new role will help William become more involved in matters relating to the Royal Family so that he is ready when it’s his turn to take over as king.

Kate Middleton’s role

“She has always carried out her role in the family very well,” Sacerdoti said with regards to Kate’s new role. “She is someone who is immensely popular with the public. They absolutely love her.

“When you see her appear on walks, as they have recently, and you see the way she talks to the crowd, the way she interacts with them – she talks about her children – I think she’s excellent at all that work.”

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