Released hostage: ‘Until they [all] return, I won’t be able to recover’

On Saturday evening, at the support rally for the families of the hostages as well of those who are missing, difficult testimonies were broadcasted of two elderly women who were released from Hamas captivity.

Margalit Moses, a 77-year-old woman from Kibbutz Nir Oz was kidnapped On October 7, “I was kidnapped and taken down to the tunnels in Gaza,” she said in the video.

“At night, I must be connected to an oxygen device, and I took it with me to Gaza so that I could sleep. One of the terrorists who got angry at me took the device away, even though I told him that it was my oxygen. I spoke with him in Arabic and he understood the meaning but he didn’t care.

“I didn’t sleep for 49 days. It was very hard. There were mental difficulties, there were physical difficulties and every day that passed it became more and more difficult,” Moses said.

An unbearable situation

She added: “To be kidnapped in the tunnels is an unbearable situation. We must return the hostages as quickly as possible.”

 Rally for the return of the hostages in Tel Aviv. December 9, 2023. (credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI)
Rally for the return of the hostages in Tel Aviv. December 9, 2023. (credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI)

Margalit Moses is recovering from cancer and is an avid lover of nature. According to a statement on behalf of her family upon her release, “She loves to travel, despite her poor health. Last summer she was on a cruise in northern Norway, and in the winter, planned to travel to Mozambique. She loves to knit vests and sweaters for her grandchildren.”

An additional video with testimonials from Adina Moshe, were shown at the rally. Moshe, who wasn’t released from Hamas captivity, testified: “I left my good friends from the kibbutz [in Gaza]. They are all very old, with serious underlying illnesses and without appropriate medications.”


“When I was there, the food situation there deteriorated. Eventually, we ended up eating only rice.

“I beg and plee: please do everything in your capacity for their release, also so that I can recover. Until they return, I won’t be able to recover.”

Moshe, 72, was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7 from her home in Kibbutz Nir Oz, after the terrorists murdered her husband, Sa’id David Moshe.

She is the mother of four children: Maya, Yael, Sashon, and Amos.

Original News Source Link – Jerusalem Post


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