Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Says ‘The Democratic Party Has Gone Off Track’

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is calling out his own Democratic party for its primary rules. 

The Democratic National Committee moved to take the first-in-the-nation primary away from New Hampshire and drafted rules that if candidates run in an unsanctioned primary in New Hampshire, the DNC chairman has powers to punish them for not following the official calendar. Regardless of margin of victory, such a candidate would receive zero delegates.

Both moves help stack the primary in Joe Biden’s favor. 

RFK, Jr. Calls Out His Own Party

In an Instagram post this week, Kennedy declared “My party has lost its way.” 

Kennedy penned an open letter to the DNC urging it to “Please, lead by example and hold the most transparent, equal, accessible, and accountable election that has ever been seen in this country.”

In it, Kennedy refers to members of the DNC, as fellow Americans and public servants, as family. 

He writes: 

Families tell one another the truth, as best we are able with grace and love and, above all, with candor. When we take wrong turns, or fail to live up to our best selves, it is our family’s responsibility to hold up a mirror and recall us back to our true purpose and highest self-expression. And so I feel compelled to write to you now, because in my view, limited though it may be, the Democratic Party has gone off track.

I’m not so sure the Democratic party has ever been on the right track, but that is an argument for another time. 

I imagine Kennedy’s eloquent words will fall on deaf ears. I can tell you the DNC does not consider RFK, Jr. a friend, much less a member of the family. He is a threat to their power, and threats must be destroyed. 

After some procedural arguments – the DNC’s refusal to hold primary debates, its essential merger with the Biden campaign both “financially and strategically,” and the censorship of political opponents – Kennedy continues with his emotional plea. 

Family to family, I urge you to reflect, privately and in consultation with your higher power, on what legacy you wish to leave. Will it be a fearful, desperate grasping for power at all costs? Or will it be the confident and graceful letting go that marks those who truly believe in democracy? 

I’m sorry, Mr. Kennedy. I don’t think the people you implore believe in a higher power than themselves. Fear is the only way they know to maintain control.  

DNC Condemn RFK, Jr. 

Despite being a tried-and-true member of team blue, Kennedy stirs the ire of his own party.

A member of arguably the best-known Democratic family in American history, RFK, Jr. is condemned because he doesn’t tow the progressive party line. 

The media would have you believe that Kennedy is nothing but a conspiracy theorist – whatever that means these days – and no one is really supporting him. 

Don’t believe everything you read or see on television. Thousands of supporters are turning up to Kennedy’s events while barely a few hundred show up for Biden. Then again, Biden doesn’t really do events. 

Kennedy Support

Kennedy’s response on social media is overwhelming. 

“He’s so well spoken, it’s [expletive] insane that Biden is our president right now. I feel like I’m living in a fake reality. Kennedy actually gives me hope.”

One user commented, “This is the man this country needs to bring us back together and make me truly proud of my country again.” 

He may be right. Kennedy’s appeal seems to cross party lines, with both Democrats and Republicans cheering him on. 

“I am a lifelong conservative, and you are my favorite candidate for president I’ve ever seen run from either party. I respect you beyond words Mr. Kennedy. You represent the word ‘presidential’ and I would be so proud to live in an America with you at the helm, something I thought I’d never ever say about a Democrat as president,” commented one follower. 

This is the kind of encouragement the establishment Democrats can’t stand, and they will do anything to quelch it. If voters didn’t acknowledge that with Trump, they’d have to be blind to not see it now. 

Jennifer Galardi is the politics and culture editor for She has a Master’s in Public Policy from Pepperdine University and produces and hosts the podcast Connection with conversations that address health, culture, politics and policy. In a previous life, she wrote for publications in the health, fitness, and nutrition space. In addition, her pieces have been published in the Epoch Times and Pepperdine Policy Review. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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