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Russian Defence Ministry on Wednesday categorically held accountable leaders of the US President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party, whom it labelled the “main ideologues” of US military-biological activities in Ukraine. Points raised by Russia’s MoD in a Telegram post against US were:

◽️ Funds for military biomedical research were raised by US Democratic Party under state guarantees from NGOs controlled by the Democratic Party leadership, including the investment funds of the Clintons, Rockefellers, Soros and Biden.

◽️ The scheme involves major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Moderna, Merck and the US military-affiliated company Gilead. 

◽️ US experts have been involved in working to test new medicines that circumvent international safety standards inside the biolabs that they set up in Ukraine.

◽️ The involvement of controlled nongovernmental and biotechnological organisations, and the increase in their revenues, allowed the leaders of the US Democratic Party to generate additional campaign finance and hide its distribution.

Moscow said that as a result of its ‘special military operation’ on the territory of Ukraine, facts of work with the specified pathogens, which are potential agents of biological weapons, have been discovered by its military forces. At the same time, it was noted that Ukraine had sent a request to the manufacturing company regarding the possibility of equipping the Bayraktar drones with aerosol equipment, Russian MoD said. 

Documents obtained also show the involvement of Poland in Ukrainian biolaboratories, said Russian ministry of defense. Polish Institute of Veterinary Medicine in research was involved in assessing the epidemiological threats and spread of the rabies virus in Ukraine, it said. US, and Ukraine intentionally used multidrug-resistant tuberculosis pathogen in 2020 to infect the pro-Russian population of the Slavyanoserbsky district of the LPR.

Counterfeit currency notes were infected with the tuberculosis agent and distributed to minors in Stepovoe village, said Russia’s MoD. Potentially dangerous biological drugs were tested by the US on patients of the Kharkov Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital No 3.

Credit: Russia’s Ministry of Defense 

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