‘Threats Have Been Issued’ Against Prosecutors and FBI Agents Working Hunter Biden Case

New Testimony Reveals Increase In Threats To FBI And Prosecutors over Hunter Biden case: Threats have been issued against prosecutors and FBI agents working on the Hunter Biden investigation, according to government officials and congressional testimony. The targets have been threatened and harassed by people who believe officials have not been tough enough on the … Read more

Smith & Wesson Model 13: Meet the FBI’s 357 Magnum Revolver

Alas, the Model 13 went out of production in 1998 whilst the M19 and M66 are still listed in the online catalog. Luckily though, there are still plenty of ‘13s available on the used gun market. The Smith & Wesson Model 13 was but an “honorable mention” in the “Cannon Or Gun? Meet The Top … Read more