Donald Trump Has a New Legal Strategy That Boils Down to One Word

The former president wants to not stand trial in the Florida case until after the election: Of the four indictments that former President Donald Trump is facing, the federal indictment in Florida, in which he is accused of mishandling classified information, is widely seen as the strongest case.  The Delay Strategy for Donald Trump?  That … Read more

The Cost of Donald Trump’s Trips ‘Home’ Was Insane

Earlier this week, it was reported that President Joe Biden’s trips home to Delaware have cost taxpayers $11 million for the use of Air Force One and/or Marine One – while there were additional costs going to local police and EMS. Comments from some readers asked why there wasn’t a comparison to other past occupants … Read more

‘He Will Stay on the Ballot’: Donald Trump Gets Great News

An effort by anti-Trump activists to knock former President Donald Trump off the Florida ballot in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot came up short. Federal District Judge Robin Rosenberg, an Obama appointee, tossed their lawsuit ruling that the plaintiffs ― tax attorney Lawrence A. Caplan, Barry Butin, and Michael Strianese ― lacked standing. … Read more

I Was There: U.S. Special Forces Saved A Navy Admiral During a Hurricane

We are heading back into another hurricane season – and that makes me a little nostalgic. I harken to a different time, back in the late 1980s in Honduras when a large hurricane off the coast meant it was time to break out the rubber assault boats when the 7th SFG nearly drowned a U.S. … Read more

Ron DeSantis Is About to Get the Ultimate ‘Try Out’ As President As Idalia Strikes Florida

Can Ron DeSantis Bounce Back? A Hurricane Might Actually Help – As Idalia headed towards Florida over the weekend, Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency for 33 counties. He also announced that the Florida National Guard was mobilizing 1,100 personnel to respond and provide immediate support to impacted areas in addition to 2,400 … Read more

Why Ron DeSantis Wins the Commander-in-Chief Test

Why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Wins the Commander-in-Chief Test: After the first Republican presidential debate of the 2024 election, American voters are correctly starting to ask which of the prospective candidates can plausibly serve as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States? Given the extraordinary powers the U.S. Constitution invests in the Executive Branch, there is … Read more

Can I Teach Faulkner in DeSantis’s Florida? – The Atlantic

In my senior Southern Literature class, I’m about to teach Go Down, Moses, William Faulkner’s great novel about how racism has warped America. I ask my students to think about the stories Faulkner tells: the dispossession of the Chickasaw people, the enslaved woman who drowns herself in despair, and the white family struggling to accept … Read more


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