Will the GOP Support the War in Ukraine or Not?

Last week, a grassroots organization rolled out a $2 million advertising campaign that was directed at Republican lawmakers, calling for continued support for Ukraine. The effort was launched ahead of an expected spending fight in Congress over aid for Kyiv. The Republicans for Ukraine campaign is a project of the larger Defending Democracy Together, which … Read more

Donald Trump Is Starting To Look ‘Unstoppable’

Former president Donald Trump’s campaign to become the next Republican presidential nominee is continuing to gain steam as Trump ramps up his rally appearances ostensibly in an effort to solidify his lead and ensure that he becomes the next Republican presidential nominee. The former chief executive is currently engaging in a heavy push in Iowa, … Read more

Ron DeSantis Needs to Make Paid Family Leave Happen

The world has moved beyond the paradigm of mid-20th century America, wherein only men work—and they make enough on a single-income, with little education to boot, to provide for a family of four. Those days are gone. They are unlikely to return. Women now work full-time. In fact, middle-class families need to have both spouses … Read more

It’s Now or Never for Ron DeSantis

Another Republican primary debate occurs on Wednesday, and its looming question is whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can hang on as the second-place candidate against leader Donald Trump, the former American president. DeSantis faces a serious challenge for runner-up in upstart businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump, meanwhile, will skip this debate as he did the first … Read more

Don’t Hate the Freedom Caucus or That They Might ‘Shutdown the Government’

The friction within the Republican party continued as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy faced pressure from Freedom Caucus members over 11 spending bills last week.  The Speaker hung it up late last week, sending lawmakers home for a long weekend after his party was unable to reach an agreement on funding the federal government. The moment … Read more

Donald Trump Can Be Explained In One World

Former President Donald Trump’s strength with his base is the perception that he is a fighter. His strongest followers believe the Republican establishment promised to deliver conservative results for years. Instead, they believe the establishment pocketed their votes for years and delivered nothing in return.  For this reason, Trump’s barbs against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis … Read more

The Polls Are Dead Wrong: Donald Trump Isn’t Winning Anything

Former President Donald Trump is a man of many contradictions. At once beloved by a core group of working-and-middle-class voters, the former president evokes unbridled hatred from other elements of the electorate (for the same reasons he engenders such adoration from that first group of voters).  Having lost the popular vote but winning a key … Read more