Hit Hard! The GOP Debate Strategy Ron DeSantis Needs to Use Right Now

The second Republican Party presidential debate is at hand. Yet again the party’s frontrunner, former President Donald J. Trump, has scurried away from standing before Republican voters and defending his record from the other candidates who are running for the GOP nomination in 2024.   While there are almost ten other candidates running for the GOP … Read more

Ron DeSantis Looks Lost And His Campaign Is Crashing Right Before Our Eyes

Once a promising candidate to lead the Republican Party to victory in 2024, Ron DeSantis seems to be losing steam on the campaign trail.  Ron DeSantis: No Longer Florida’s Favorite Even those who have been applauding the governor in Florida may be losing affection for their leader in the face of his wilting campaign.  According … Read more

Ron DeSantis Needs to Make Paid Family Leave Happen

The world has moved beyond the paradigm of mid-20th century America, wherein only men work—and they make enough on a single-income, with little education to boot, to provide for a family of four. Those days are gone. They are unlikely to return. Women now work full-time. In fact, middle-class families need to have both spouses … Read more

It’s Now or Never for Ron DeSantis

Another Republican primary debate occurs on Wednesday, and its looming question is whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can hang on as the second-place candidate against leader Donald Trump, the former American president. DeSantis faces a serious challenge for runner-up in upstart businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump, meanwhile, will skip this debate as he did the first … Read more

The GOP Civil War Could Be a Disaster for America

There is a brutal civil war that has broken out in the Republican Party, much like what happened in the Democratic Party, after the contentious 1960 Democratic Party Primary occurred, in which the more powerful, older senate majority leader, Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was upstaged by the young senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy (JFK).  … Read more

‘Changing the Rules’: Donald Trump Has a Sneaky Way to Capture the GOP Nomination

In a strategic move, former President Donald Trump’s campaign has been meticulously reshaping obscure Republican Party rules across several states, including California, aiming to accelerate the nomination process and secure a clear path to the GOP presidential candidacy. Changing Delegate Rules: A Decisive Factor The focus of Trump’s campaign has been on altering delegate allocation … Read more

Trump’s Vice President Pick Could Be a True Historic ‘Head Scratcher’

There always seem to be new rumors about who Donald Trump would pick if he won the GOP nomination next year. [embedded content] The smart choice, at least according to many experts, would be Ron DeSantis.  Sure, Donald Trump could select the Florida governor as his running mate. Of course, any partnership for the White … Read more