Marquette Greene Scott Endorsed By updatem News in Texas CD-22

SUPER TUESDAY IN TEXAS – updatem News announces its Super Tuesday endorsement of Marquette Greene-Scott in the democratic primary in Texas’s 22nd Congressional district. Ms. Greene-Scott is the best candidate to represent Democrats in her Texas district, which is in the Houston area. We love her educational and business background as well as her understanding … Read more

2024 Super Tuesday Endorsements

SAN ANTONIO – After reading thru hundreds of endorsement requests, we have made our final decisions. Our Super Tuesday endorsements are now completed. Congrats on the Super Tuesday endorsement winners! CALIFORNIA SUPER TUESDAY ENDORSEMENTS REPUBLICAN – John Munn for Congress CA-04REPUBLICAN – John McBride for Congress CA-09NO PARTY PREFERENCE – Terry Crandall for Congress CA-47REPUBLICAN … Read more

Will Biden Take Away Your AR-15?

People who already own the AR-15 and other rifles are afraid the federal or various state governments could “grab” their guns. President Joe Biden has called for a federal assault weapon ban, but it is unclear if that just means their sales would be barred. In the past, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre has been asked … Read more


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