The Joe Biden Impeachment Showdown Has Arrived

Impeachment Inquiry Looms Over Joe Biden Presidency – The possibility of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter’s alleged influence-peddling continues to provoke fiery debate. 

The question that looms large is whether this inquiry will proceed before any legal actions are taken against Hunter Biden, following the appointment of Special Counsel David Weiss.

Doubts Over DOJ Approach

Many have expressed concerns over the perceived interference by President Biden’s own Justice Department, which appeared to undermine the federal investigation into Hunter’s activities.

While the administration maintains that there is no concrete evidence of Joe Biden profiting from his son’s business ventures, their actions paint a different picture. Many would argue the White House has actively obstructed efforts to uncover the truth, and according to The Washington Post they are now assembling a team of lawyers and communications personnel to counter ongoing investigations. To claim a lack of evidence while simultaneously hindering attempts to discover any such evidence has set many commentators’ alarm bells ringing.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has cautioned against normalizing impeachment, emphasizing its potential harm to the nation. However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called for an impeachment inquiry, citing compelling evidence unearthed by various House committees, including Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means.

Biden Impeachment, Hunter Indictment?

Traditionally, Republicans have relied on law enforcement agencies to investigate such matters. However, the political landscape in Washington has evolved significantly in recent years, leading to doubts about the fairness of the investigative process. The appointment of Weiss as special counsel, as per Justice Department guidelines, has raised concerns regarding potential bias and offers President Biden an “ongoing investigation” rationale to defer addressing pertinent questions, thereby prolonging the controversy.

The central issue under scrutiny revolves around Hunter Biden’s financial dealings abroad, particularly in China and Ukraine, and whether his father, Joe Biden, played a significant role in facilitating these endeavors during his tenure as vice president. While it remains uncertain whether President Biden engaged in any criminal conduct, there is a growing consensus that his promotion of the Biden family’s brand raised ethical concerns.

Did Joe Biden Mislead Voters?

Evidence presented includes revelations that Joe Biden misled the public during the 2020 debates by categorically denying Hunter’s substantial earnings from China and dismissing the laptop as Russian disinformation. 

It has also come to light that the then vice president had meetings and phone conversations with his son’s business associates, and there are allegations of the Justice Department undermining an IRS investigation. Furthermore, a Biden staffer reportedly confirmed the VP’s approval of talking points related to Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company linked to Hunter.

These revelations raise questions about Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in his son’s business dealings, which contradict his claims of ignorance.

Pelosi vs. McCarthy

While three House committees are currently conducting investigations, an impeachment inquiry presents practical advantages. It would strengthen the authority of House subpoenas, allowing Congress greater power to compel witness testimony and request documents. Unlike standard congressional oversight, an impeachment inquiry does not require a legislative purpose, making its subpoenas legally more robust and giving the House increased leverage in negotiations with entities such as the Justice Department and the IRS.

If conducted judiciously, an impeachment inquiry could potentially offer a path away from the partisan strife that has characterized Washington in recent years. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s previous approach during impeachment proceedings faced criticism for perceived procedural shortcuts. Speaker McCarthy has indicated a different approach, pledging to commence with a formal inquiry and enabling the full House to decide whether an actual impeachment is warranted, a move aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability.

The outcome of the impending Republican debate over whether to initiate an impeachment inquiry will surely determine whether the American people will receive answers to the pertinent questions concerning the Hunter Biden scandal and the integrity of the Justice Department.

Georgia Gilholy is a journalist based in the United Kingdom who has been published in Newsweek, The Times of Israel, and the Spectator. Gilholy writes about international politics, culture, and education. 

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