Trump Begs Supporters to Donate for ‘Upcoming’ Lawsuit Against CNN – The Daily Beast

It’s been over a week since former President Donald Trump pledged that he would be filing a lawsuit against CNN. Yet, instead of court documents being filed, Trump appears to be more preoccupied with begging followers to send in money to “support” the so far non-existent legal action. A new fundraising message sent out from the ex-president on Friday said: “I’m calling on my best and most dedicated supporters to add their names to stand with me in my impending LAWSUIT against Fake News CNN.” “Add your name IMMEDIATELY to show your support for my upcoming lawsuit against Fake News CNN,” the email continued, linking to a donations page. It was one of two CNN-inspired fundraising messages sent out. Last Wednesday, the former president threatened to sue the cable network and sent them a letter titled, “Notice of Intent to Bring Civil Action for Defamation.” Trump touting a potential CNN lawsuit comes as the Republican National Committee has said they will stop paying the ex-president’s legal bills upon him declaring his candidacy for president. Neither CNN nor a Trump spokesperson returned The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Friday evening.

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