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I was disheartened to see that almost 98% of the young people attending Turning Point USA’s recent Student Action Summit in Tampa would select Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis as their presidential nominee. Those two Republican candidates do not represent an inclusive America. Trump stoked hate and revenge through lies and strong-arm tactics and DeSantis is his equal in those categories.

As a retired teacher of African American descent, raised in the North, I have lived under both Republican and Democratic presidents and not until Trump and DeSantis have I felt marginalized in my own country. I fear that America is retreating into the darkest part of our history where discrimination and mistreatment of minorities was accepted. They have emboldened white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and those intolerant of anyone who does not share their beliefs. They have denied that systemic racism exists in this country and yet study after study has shown it does. Their rhetoric all but insures it continues unabated and denying students the ability to learn the truth of our history is a weapon against democracy.


I know there are good, moral conservatives, who can push the conservative agenda without the hateful, vengeful rhetoric of these two. Ronald Reagan did it, and George H.W. Bush to some degree. Even though I disagreed with their politics, I was a proud American who believed they governed for all Americans and that democracy was inclusive. If the agenda of the Republican Party is to represent only white America and continue to sow the seeds of hate and intolerance, our democracy will not survive. Republicans, you can do better.

Harriett Williams Deltona


I read with interest your endorsement of Jerry Demings for Orange County mayor (”Demings’ focused drive makes him right choice,” July 31). You spoke extensively about “trust” and the potential for the loss thereof. I have to say, for many of the reasons you point out, especially Split Oak, he’s already lost mine. Add to that the treatment of other commissioners, and especially people who disagree with him, I can only anticipate what he thinks of voters in general, especially those who vote to disagree with him in numbers more than 80%. I can’t help but wonder if surely, somewhere in Orange County is someone who understands that “in perpetuity” means.

Kevin O’Connell Orlando

I did a double take when I saw the picture of Ron DeSantis behind a podium sign reading “Freedom from Indoctrination” in the July 26 paper. The definition of indoctrination is “the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.” But the “Stop WOKE Act” that DeSantis is so proud of actually inhibits the ability to teach critical thinking. It encourages the indoctrination of one set of beliefs rather than freedom to learn from others with differing views and experiences.

In my America, and in my home state of Florida, I certainly hope there is still room for critical thinking and new ideas. I want to know and understand my world and the people in it better every day and I certainly want my grandkids to do the same. The irony of his podium sign would be funny if it weren’t so very scary.

Stephanie Norris Orlando

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