How an Organized Republican Effort Punishes Companies for Climate Action – The New York Times

Mr. Moore, the West Virginia state treasurer, coordinated a letter in November from 16 state treasurers and comptrollers to banks across the country, threatening “collective action in response to the ongoing and growing economic boycott of traditional energy production industries by U.S. financial institutions.” “It is our sincere hope that no financial institution will be … Read more

Donald Trump’s Media Company Plans “Non-Woke Alternative” To Netflix And Disney+; Streaming Slate To Feature “Cancelled Shows” – Deadline

Donald Trump’s emerging media and technology company has taken a stab at further refining its business plans, promising in a new SEC filing that its forthcoming streaming service will be a “non-woke alternative” to Netflix and Disney+. Following a merger with the blank check firm (or SPAC) Digital World Acquisition, Trump Media and Technology Group … Read more

Oklahoma legislators fear ‘woke culture’ of prospective company – Journal Record

Oklahoma lawmakers are coming back for a special session to, in part, examine ways to recapture $700 million allocated for Project Ocean, a tax incentives package requested by Gov. Kevin Stitt on April 18 to lure a manufacturing company to the state. (Photo by Janice Francis-Smith) OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma lawmakers are indicating they may … Read more

Conservatives launch new pressure campaign on ‘woke’ corporations – Washington Times

Conservatives have launched new initiatives aimed at removing “woke politics” from corporate boardrooms as the annual season of shareholder meetings winds down. The projects announced this week include an “anti-wokeness” webinar, an online index that evaluates companies’ diversity of viewpoints and a flurry of shareholder actions. They are the latest in a wide-ranging attack on … Read more