Trump-Backed Karamo Calls ‘Promote the Vote’ Initiative in Michigan an ‘Assault on Voting Rights’

Kristina Karamo, the GOP candidate for Michigan’s secretary of state, has warned voters that a disarmingly worded ballot proposal to amend the elections section of the state Constitution is really a poison pill. At an Aug. 10 press conference in suburban Detroit, Karamo outlined the provisions of what she believes to be a cynical ruse to […]

Montana Supreme Court Disallows Referendum Over How Its Members Are Chosen

The Montana Supreme Court has ruled that a referendum asking voters if the court’s justices should be elected in geographical districts instead of statewide on the upcoming Nov. 8 ballot would violate the state constitution. Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, a Republican, blasted the 5–2 ruling. “Opinions from the Montana Supreme Court have become little […]