Jimmy Lia, Who Says He ‘Owes Freedom His Life’ Jailed By Communist Party for 1000th Day

Jimmy Lai has been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party for being a great liberator and the world really needs to understand this story. Lai has often said that he has chosen to stand for freedom for the people of Hong Kong and the United States because he “owes freedom his life.” Lai is a … Read more

Joe Biden Got ‘250 Large’ from CCP, Oversight Committee Shows Biden Where the Money Is

Members of the House Oversight Committee got the breaking news on Tuesday that Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden had received a massive amount of money from the Chinese Communist Party as a result of his son, Hunter Biden. Remember, “Where is the Money?” [embedded content] Did you sell out of the country? Looks like the … Read more

DC FRAYING: Tale of Two Cities, Update From Late Night House Floor Activity

The powerful effects of money and power are on full display as a massive-centralized US Government has its dirty secrets aired for the world to see, from a once noble system- turned against its own people for profit and fame. It was ever thus. From an early morning update about what is happening in the … Read more

Judge Refuses to Allow Kari Lake to Take Stand in Latest Election Lawsuit

The most recent lawsuit for Kari Lake does not address her run for AZ Governor, it is a public records lawsuit that asks to review all early ballot envelopes with very problematic voter signatures in just Maricopa County, where state election officials had refused to allow Lake and her legal team to see the ballots. … Read more

BREAK THE FEVER: National Moment of Truth Over Looming Shutdown and Casting of Vision for Future

“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.” has been popularly attributed to Thomas Jefferson- but there is no proof he actually said that.. but it is good- isn’t it? It sounds like something Steve Bannon would say, however. And that is just a … Read more

Crime Hurts: Video Shows Store Owners are Hiding Inventory in New York City Shops Because of Increase in Crime

Even Eric Adams, NYC’s Democrat Mayor, recently slammed the ‘right to shelter,’ saying that the migrant crisis is ‘not sustainable’ after touting sanctuary status. Certainly, having an increased number of illegal aliens living in the streets of New York City is not actually decreasing crime, as some groups claim.  The city is a mess because … Read more

Dave Portnoy’s Event is Huge Success, Even in Pouring Rain- NYC Trashed Fake News and Ate Pizza

This is a great American story of success. After pushing back on the Fake News industry, which tried to trash participants and harm Dave Portnoy’s Pizza event, all of his opponents missed out on a great story about the spirit of New Yorkers- and they missed out on fresh hot Pizza! What could be worse? … Read more