‘Panic Mode’: Democrats and Never Trump Republicans Are Scared of Donald Trump

Never Trump Republicans and Democrats see polls showing Donald Trump running neck-and-neck with Joe Biden despite 91 criminal charges and a slew of civil actions. It has them in panic mode. The Real Clear Politics Average puts Trump up over Biden by over a point with 45.7% to 44.2%, respectively. The panic can be seen in … Read more

Hit Hard! The GOP Debate Strategy Ron DeSantis Needs to Use Right Now

The second Republican Party presidential debate is at hand. Yet again the party’s frontrunner, former President Donald J. Trump, has scurried away from standing before Republican voters and defending his record from the other candidates who are running for the GOP nomination in 2024.   While there are almost ten other candidates running for the GOP … Read more

Donald Trump Already Won Tonight’s GOP Debate

Former President Donald Trump’s distant rivals for the Republican nomination are set to face off tonight. The former president opted to stay out of this debate just as he avoided the last one in August. Some observers remarked that Trump’s absence made the GOP debate look like a “kids’ table.” Trump plans to speak in Detroit while … Read more

This Might Be The End: Donald Trump’s Real Estate Empire Threatened By Ruling

A New York state judge’s ruling threatens to unravel former President Donald Trump’s business empire. Trump built his name over the past 40-50 years as a real estate titan in New York. Now New York is on the verge of taking it all from him in the wake of Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling that the Trump Organization … Read more

Two Words Could Mean the End of Donald Trump

A Gag Order Could Mean Big Problems for Donald Trump: Former President Donald J. Trump’s attorneys are asking the presiding judge in the federal case against Trump for his alleged role in the January 6 riot to deny the prosecution’s request for a gag order. The gag order, or so the Department of Justice (DOJ) … Read more

Without Donald Trump, Does Tonight’s GOP Debate Matter?

The Republican National Convention’s second primary debate will be held tomorrow in Simi Valley, California. But with former President Donald Trump skipping the debate – while maintaining a massive lead on the rest of the field – the night’s biggest question is likely to be existential: does the debate even matter? Short answer: kind of. … Read more

A Sad Publicity Stunt: Joe Biden ‘Went on Strike’ with Autoworkers

The Republican Party of Ronald Reagan isn’t quite dead yet – as noted by the response of a couple of the GOP presidential hopefuls, who were quick to respond to President Joe Biden’s publicity stunt in Michigan on Tuesday. In a break from tradition, Biden joined a picket line with striking autoworkers, supporting their call … Read more