Trump not required to provide sworn declaration that FBI ‘planted’ evidence – The Guardian US

A federal judge ruled on Thursday that Donald Trump would not have to provide a sworn declaration that the FBI supposedly “planted” some of the highly-sensitive documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago resort, as he has suggested, until his lawyers have reviewed the seized materials. The order from US district court judge Aileen Cannon, who is … Read more

How Donald Trump, backers weaponized memes – Harvard Gazette – Harvard Gazette

Donald Trump was the perfect “meme leader,” appealing to an array of shadowy, loosely organized groups with varied philosophies but shared roots in internet “imageboards” like 4chan and 8chan, along with a desire, like their adopted chief, to disrupt the established power structure. “He had already — before he ran in 2015 — become a … Read more

Judge bails Trump out of special master plan that would have forced uncomfortable submissions in court – CNN

CNN  —  Former President Donald Trump got another boost in his bid to challenge the FBI search of his Florida home, with US District Judge Aileen Cannon reshaping the plan put forward by the special master she appointed to review the materials seized at Mar-a-Lago last month. Cannon nixed several aspects of the plan proposed … Read more

Let’s just indict Donald Trump already, shall we? – SFGATE

In case you missed it, and you’re forgiven if you did, former President Donald Trump isn’t happy with the special master he fought so hard for. “Special master” is a fabulous duet of words that should be reserved exclusively for samurai training, BDSM orgies and chess rankings. Alas, “special master” in today’s context gets lumped … Read more

Court forced to reschedule Trump deposition as he rides out the hurricane at Mar-a-Lago – Yahoo News

trump boarding plane photo MANDEL NGAN / Contributor/Getty Images Lawyers for an ongoing civil suit against Donald Trump told a judge they could not meet a Friday deadline to question the former president under oath because he would not move the meeting from his Florida mansion as a hurricane tears through the state, CNN reports. The class … Read more