‘SNL’ cold opens satirize Trump more than Biden despite being out of office for two years – Fox News

“Saturday Night Live” continues scaling back its mockery of President Biden in his first two years of office instead taking more aim at a former president who the liberal sketch comedy show cannot let go. For decades, the “SNL” cold opens satirize the week’s biggest news story, which often involves the president. That’s no longer … Read more

Trump allies cheer more traditional campaign debut even as some wonder if it will last – CNN

CNN  —  Six months into his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump made a telling admission. “I don’t normally do stops like this,” he told the officers at a local police precinct in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who were there to deliver an endorsement. The political newcomer had all but abandoned the traditional campaign model that steered … Read more

Trump’s Financial Situation Is Even Shakier Than We Knew – The Daily Beast

When Donald Trump left office in early 2021, he was apparently on much thinner financial ice than almost anyone knew. That revelation, which three accounting experts confirmed upon reviewing Trump’s 2020 tax return, may help explain some of the financial and political moves the former president has made in the intervening years. Snowballing legal fees, … Read more

Netanyahu touts Trump’s wins with Israel but points out one ‘big mistake’ – CNN

Netanyahu touts Trump’s wins with Israel but points out one ‘big mistake’ Link Copied! Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes his long relationship with President Joe Biden, the war in Ukraine and weighs in on former President Trump’s list of accomplishments with Israel when he was in office. 05:49 – Source: CNN Original News Source LinkRunning … Read more

Trump’s fundraising for presidential bid gets off to modest start – Reuters

WASHINGTON, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 got off to a modest fundraising start, with his campaign ending the year with about $7 million on hand while his Save America fund had about $18 million, according to financial disclosures released on Tuesday. After launching his third consecutive … Read more

Video shows Trump taking Fifth; Santos leaves House panels: recap – USA TODAY

Newly released video shows former President  Donald Trump being questioned under oath last year for the massive civil fraud lawsuit filed against him, his businesses and his oldest children by the New York Attorney General’s office – and pleading the Fifth repeatedly. Here’s what else is going on in politics Tuesday. George Santos steps away from … Read more

Trump vows to ‘stop’ gender-affirming care for minors if re-elected president – NBC News

Former President Donald Trump vowed in a video released Tuesday that, if re-elected, he would punish doctors who provide gender-affirming care to minors and push schools to “promote positive education about the nuclear family” and “the roles of mothers and fathers” as part of a wide-ranging set of policies to use federal power to target … Read more