Panelists and Audience Members Share Their Stories After Panel on Jan. 6

Many are feeling the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach still to this day. It was the main topic of discussion at a panel hosted by The Epoch Times during the Conservative Political Action Conference, one of the nation’s largest annual gatherings of conservative groups and voters. NTD spoke with panelists and audience members … Read more

An Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Murdered a Georgia Student. You Wouldn’t Know It From the Media Coverage.

An illegal alien who was free in the United States due to liberal Democratic immigration policies was charged on Friday for the brutal murder of a University of Georgia student. But you might not know that from the mainstream media coverage. It’s the latest example of the media playing defense for President Joe Biden’s failed … Read more

Biden Says Hamas–Israel Hostage and Ceasefire Negotiations ‘Not Done Yet,’ Hopes for Agreement by Next Monday

Biden said he was hoping for a ceasefire agreement that will see all hostages released by next Monday. President Joe Biden said he hopes that negotiations for the release of hostages by Hamas in return for a ceasefire by Israel and Hamas can be achieved by the end of the weekend. Noting that negotiations haven’t … Read more

Rep Scott Perry Calls for Blocking Biden’s State of the Union Over Border Policy Standoff

Congressman Scott Perry (R-Pa.) has called for the Republican-controlled House to block President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address next week over disagreements with the president’s border security policies. Appearing for an interview on Fox Business on Monday, Mr. Perry said the Republican-controlled House ought to use “every single point of leverage” it has … Read more

Jack Smith Pushes Back on Trump Allegations of Bias in Response to Demand for Documents

To demonstrate the prosecutors were selective and vindictive—grounds for dismissal—defense must show ’similarly situated individuals were not prosecuted.’ Special counsel Jack Smith responded to former President Donald Trump’s attorneys’ motion to compel evidence from the prosecution by attempting to push back on allegations that the prosecution is selective and vindictive. President Trump is being prosecuted … Read more

IDF Says It Discovered Massive Hamas Tunnel Running Under Hospital and University

The Israel Defense Forces said Monday it discovered a tunnel that connects the north of the Gaza Strip to the southern part and runs underneath a hospital and a university. Reaching over six miles in length, the tunnel lies beneath both the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital and Israa University, the military said in a release. It … Read more

Trump’s Cash Pile Shrinks as Legal Fights Ramp Up: Filings

Former President Donald Trump collected a few major checks from significant GOP donors in January. Can former President Donald Trump add cash to his long list of problems? On Feb. 20, three of the organizations supporting President Trump’s third run for the White House issued their monthly financial statements with the Federal Election Commission. Those … Read more


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