Pentagon Grant to U.S. University That Feeds China Military Research Comes Under Congressional Microscope

Lawmakers are investigating a New York university that received a million-dollar Pentagon grant for missile research it conducts alongside an institution with ties to the Chinese military. The House Select Committee on China is investigating Alfred University’s partnership with China’s University of Geosciences in Wuhan, which conducts classified military research for China’s army. The Department … Read more

House Republicans Probe Alleged Abuse of Power at Biden’s FTC

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The House Oversight Committee’s Chairman James Comer opened a probe Thursday into U.S. Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan’s management of the agency, citing complaints of abuse of power. Khan has angered companies and trade groups like the Chamber of Commerce by pushing the FTC, which enforces antitrust law and laws against deceptive marketing, … Read more

Chinese Spies Posing as Tourists Tried To Infiltrate Alaskan Military Bases, Officials Say

Suspected spies for the Communist Chinese Party have reportedly entered U.S. military bases in Alaska multiple times, pretending to be lost tourists. One incident involved a car driven by Chinese citizens passed security checkpoints and entered a base in Fairbanks. Soldiers found a drone in the car but the Chinese occupants claimed to be lost … Read more

Even Millennials Are Turning Republican, Data Show

The “generation of young voters” that “propelled Barack Obama to a decisive victory” in 2008 is shifting Republican, according to findings that New York Times chief political analyst Nate Cohn reported Thursday. While millennials overwhelmingly backed Obama, only half of those same voters—now in their 30s or early 40s—voted for Joe Biden in 2020, according … Read more

WATCH: Transgender Soccer Player Injures Female Opponent

A male soccer player who identifies as transgender injured a female player during a semi-professional women’s league game in Australia last month. The transgender player’s aggressive shoulder check sent the female player to the ground where she lay unmoving. She was “unable to train until later in the week,” sources told Reduxx, and “when she … Read more